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Condo Insurance

What is within the walls is yours to protect.


The coverage focuses on covering any kind of damage that might occur to the unit you are living in. You are also looking to cover anything that might be stolen from your condo. The difference between condo insurance and home owner’s insurance is that generally, you aren’t going to need to carry coverage for damage to things like a condo’s roof.

When talking about covering your condo, the coverage is focused more on the inside of the property. Windows, doors, and walls are all covered in the better insurance plans in case you or someone you know is visiting and damages the building.

When talking about a condo, there is usually going to be a condo association that will have at least some coverage for everyone who is living within the association boundaries. This kind of coverage is then used as a kind of way to bridge the gap between what you are seeing on the condo association coverage and the coverage you buy yourself.

The other important aspect of this kind of coverage is that it will also protect you against liability if someone is injured inside your condo. This is a kind of coverage that isn’t even thought about being covered when you are talking about renter’s insurance. This coverage also applies if you aren’t anywhere near the condo where the injury was hurt. You are also protected by this insurance if you are moving to or from the condo and you have not changed your address to a different location. There is also a level of coverage if you happen to damage someone else’s property.


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