5 Main Reasons For Financial Devastation

June 10, 2020

Can you guess 5 main reasons we see families needlessly suffer financial devastation? Watch and find out! Call Champagne Agency in Riverview MI at (734) 282-8700

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What Auto Insurance Limits Should I Have?

June 3, 2020

There are some very big changes coming to auto insurance in Michigan. These changes have been long overdue, and they’re designed to save you money. For many years, Michigan has had the absolute best auto insurance in the country. We’ve enjoyed unlimited medical coverage and we’ve paid the price for that coverage. But beginning July […]

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Champagne Agency Concierge Program

May 18, 2020

Finding the best service providers in town can be frustrating. That no longer needs to be the case, because Champagne Agency has a listing of other local businesses that have been highly recommended by our valued customers! Call Champagne Agency in Riverview MI at (734) 282-8700

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Bringing Lunch to the Riverview Fire Department #ThankYou!

May 11, 2020

Call Champagne Agency in Riverview MI at (734) 282-8700

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What Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover?

May 1, 2020

Call Champagne Agency in Riverview MI at (734) 282-8700 Hey guys, Chris with the Champagne Agency here. Hope everybody’s staying safe and healthy during this time. We can’t wait to see you back in the office. Today, I’d like to talk a little bit about some coverage on your homeowners insurance that is not included, […]

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Why Is Auto Insurance So Expensive?

April 29, 2020

Hi everyone. It’s Megan, coming to you live from my home office, AKA, my living room. I just wanted to first and foremost say, I’m missing your faces so much in the office. It’s really been kind of strange to be working from home and doing our best to stay safe. I know it is […]

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What is sewer-drain backup coverage?

April 21, 2020

Hey everyone, it’s Keith from the Champagne Agency. Just a quick reminder of the value of sewer drain backup. Sewer drain backup is an additional rider on your Homeowners Policy that covers valuable items anywhere between 5000 up to 20,000 of coverage for items in your basement. So if the sewer and drains back up […]

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Coronavirus insurance options

April 21, 2020

Hi everyone, this is Tamara Champagne from the Champagne Agency, coming to you from the middle of a Corona virus pandemic, working from my garage. Just want to say I hope everyone is safe and healthy, and just to let you know that we’re still here for you. We’re all working from home, but if […]

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An Intro To Champagne Agency

April 14, 2020

At Champagne Agency, we believe you deserve top quality service… Period. That’s why we’re committed to giving you the best of us. We’ll always make sure you have the right coverage, the right discounts, and can take comfort in knowing the things that matter most to you are protected. We also believe in giving back! […]

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