Hi everyone. It’s Megan, coming to you live from my home office, AKA, my living room. I just wanted to first and foremost say, I’m missing your faces so much in the office. It’s really been kind of strange to be working from home and doing our best to stay safe. I know it is definitely something necessary but I certainly miss seeing all of your faces and I really look forward to seeing you all soon. I’m here today to tell you about some great things that some of our carriers are doing for our clients in order to help us get through these hard times due to COVID-19. So if you have one of the following carriers, I’ve got really good news for you. If you are a client of State Auto as of June 1st your next renewal will have a 5% discount off of the entire premium for your auto insurance policy. That’s awesome.

Safeco is doing something a little different. If you are an active customer with an auto insurance policy as of April 7th, you’ll get 15% back refund on two months of premium. So I believe that is for the month of April and for May. Nationwide is doing a onetime $50 refund back to all active auto policies. Sorry, my dog’s going crazy. National, in general, is doing 15% back for the month of April on all active policies as of April 30th. And Progressive is doing two months, 20% back for April and May. So if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time, we’ll be happy to help you. Stay well and be safe.

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