There are some very big changes coming to auto insurance in Michigan. These changes have been long overdue, and they’re designed to save you money. For many years, Michigan has had the absolute best auto insurance in the country. We’ve enjoyed unlimited medical coverage and we’ve paid the price for that coverage. But beginning July 2nd, you will be able to choose the level of coverage you have regarding personal injury protection on your policy, for the first time in decades. This is an opportunity to save money, but you must make sure that you pick the coverage that’s right for your family. Also, because the laws are changing, you may be more vulnerable to a lawsuit than you’ve ever been before if you injure someone in an accident. We at the Champagne Agency have the knowledge of the new laws and the understanding of how best to use them to get you and your family the right coverage, at the best price.

There will be many companies out there who will try to seduce you with the lowest possible price, but it will be rock bottom coverage. Don’t do it. Please, take the time to call your trusted insurance advisor. Here are the things we’re going to need from you to make sure you have the right coverage. We’re going to need a list of all the resident relatives in your household, with their dates of birth and their health insurance. That includes people who don’t drive your cars, children who are too young to drive, and unlicensed adults. You won’t be penalized in any way for having kids or any such thing. We just need to make sure that we get the medical coverage portion of your policy correct, so no matter which member of your family is injured in an accident, that they are not left without coverage for their medical bills. Your health insurance company is now obligated to provide you with that letter explaining your benefits with regards to whether or not they pay for injuries in an automobile accident.

And you’re going to need a letter from as many health insurance companies that cover your family. So if you have one coverage and your husband has another, we’re going to need two letters. If you have Medicare, we’re going to need to validate that you have both parts A and B if you want to opt out of the [PIP] coverage and we’ll be able to explain to you the difference between what Medicare covers, and what PIP covers, so that you know what you’ll be giving up. Then we’ll help you make the best choice for your family as far as medical coverage and liability go. We’ve begun quoting under the new rates and rules, and are seeing substantial savings for some clients, moderate for others, but pretty much savings for everybody. And we want to make sure that you take advantage of this once in our lifetime opportunity to save money on your auto insurance. And we want to make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of while doing it.

This is the largest change in insurance law in Michigan since 1973. And as your agent, we believe it’s our duty to reach out to you and help you through this, like through this video, and email, and text, and by phone. But you don’t have to wait to hear from us. We are here and we’re waiting to take care of you and your questions, on your schedule. It’s a crazy world out there right now. Be safe, take care.

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