Hello everyone. Deborah here from the Champagne Agency. Hope all is well everyone. The sun is shining, it is great. So you know what that means. It’s time to insure your boat, your RVs, your campers, your ATVs and motorcycles. I just wanted to touch base to remind you to get ahold of your agents, to get those things insured, actually anybody here at the agency would love to help you. And make sure when you talk to us about it, ask if there’s any type of special coverage that you can get for it. I do know for campers right now you can get awning and roof coverage. And I will tell you a special feature, and this happened to me a couple of years ago, you get those little mice into your camper and they just start chewing away at your electrical. If you have a newer model, I do know that you can get coverage for that, which is amazing, because it cost us quite a bit of money.
Well, it’s so nice to touch base with everyone and please give us a call, we’d love to help you. And, have a wonderful summer.

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