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Much Love for our Local Restaurants

The COVID-19 pandemic has left few without struggles as a result of its relentless effects – from school closures to lost jobs to people left without knowledge of where their next meal is coming from, life has certainly changed since the pandemic began. One of the industries that have been hit the hardest since this shift happened has been the restaurant industry. While many owners and employees understand the need to safely modify their method of operation, that doesn’t change the fact that everyone in the industry has suffered some form of financial devastation.

The restaurants, and bars, in the Detroit area are no stranger to this. It is for that reason that Great Lakes Hotel Supply and the Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association have partnered to create the “Local Love” campaign in an effort to remedy the problem. This campaign will raise money to give back to the employees and owners of our local restaurants so that they may have the means to survive this difficult period.

Many of our agents here at the Champagne Agency have quite a few favorite restaurants in our community and we would be remiss if we didn’t do something to ensure that those who serve us feel taken care of. That’s why we’re committed to donating $20 for every person that you recommend to us for a no-obligation quote. Together we can make a difference and help our local restaurant industry continue to thrive once the pandemic smoke clears. Send us that name and let’s get started!

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